Torrance Portable Osteopathic Table

Portable Osteopathic Table

These portable Osteopathic tables are manufactured exclusively for The Torrance Company and designed for the professional who demands quality in strength and design. Our tables are skillfully crafted using Canadian maple and Russian Birch for strength and durability.  These portable tables are reinforced, supporting 3200 Lbs (table capacity).  All tables include a full-length hinge and double leg knobs to ensure greater strength and lateral stability.  These 25" wide, lightweight tables offer the strength of a stationary table with the convenience of a portable table.

Osteo-Foam is a high-density, firm foam specifically designed for the Torrance portable Osteopathic tables.  This premium quality foam along with Nature's Touch, an earth-friendly covering resisting mildew, staining and abrasion, will provide years of reliable service. Our portable Osteopathic tables are an excellent choice for all students and professionals.

Please contact us for pricing on our portable Osteopathic Table Packages.

The Torrance Company has taken pride in supporting and serving the Osteopathic profession with integrity and trust since 1946. We have sponsored the American Academy of Osteopathy (AAO) and Student American Academy of Osteopathy (SAAO) since 1996.


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                          Specifications                                                   Features      

                       Weight:                        33 Lbs.                          1½” Osteo Foam (Firm)

                       Width:                          25"                                Face Hole w/ Plug

                       Static Weight:            800 Lbs.                            Full ~ Length Hinge

                       Table Capacity:         3200 Lbs.                          Carrying Case

                                                                                                          Lifetime Warranty


Agate Blue Black





Sit comfortably and glide around our Osteo-Therapeutic Table quickly and easily  with the Rolling-Swivel Stool. This adjustable stool pneumatically changes height from 18” to 25” with the flick of a lever. Perfect for Cranial Manipulation, Massage and other therapies where the professional needs to be seated. The Rolling-Swivel Stool features a custom molded 3” multi-layer, high quality foam with a premium vinyl covering.  This stool is available in 3 rich colors: Burgundy, Navy  Blue and Black.



The Yosemite Stationary Table is unlike any stationary table on the market today. The powder-coated aluminum adjustable height legs with premium hardwood frame are unmatched stability and strength. The 74” x 25” narrow design with rounded corners, allows both patient comfort and practitioner access. The Yosemite table features responsive 2.5” multi-density, high quality foam with Nature's Touch, earth-friendly covering resisting mildew, staining and abrasion. This stationary table supports a table capacity of 3000 Lbs., includes a rounded Face Hole w/Plug and is available in 2 rich Colors:  Agate Blue and Black.

                  Specifications                            Features  


         Weight:                56.5 Lbs.                            2½” Multi-Density Foam

         Height Range:      19.25” - 27”                          Rounded Corners

         Table Capacity:    3000 Lbs.                              Face Hole w/ Plug


Agate Blue Black


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